Czobel, Béla

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CZOBEL, BÉLA (1883–1976), Hungarian painter. Czobel, who was born in Budapest, went to Paris in 1903 and associated with the "fauve" painters. When his works were exhibited in Hungary, he was acclaimed as a leader of "the Eight," a group of artists who were introducing fauvism into that country. During World War i he lived in Holland and after the war moved to Berlin. He then returned to Paris, which became his base. Domestic subjects such as flowers, gardens, interiors and still lifes were among his favorites. His characteristic mood is still and meditative. Czobel's early works were influenced by Van Gogh and Cézanne and executed in flat patterns with strong outlines. His mature works are characterized by warmth and richness of color and sfumato effects which blur the outlines and permit the separate parts of a painting to merge.


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