Czerny-Stefanska, Halina (1922—)

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Czerny-Stefanska, Halina (1922—)

Polish pianist, best known for her renditions of Chopin. Born in Cracow in 1922; winner of the 1949 Chopin Competition in Warsaw.

Halina Czerny-Stefanska studied with Alfred Cortot in Paris. She was the co-winner, with Bella Davidovich , of the 1949 Chopin Competition in Warsaw. Her London debut took place in 1949 during the centennial year of Chopin's death. Czerny-Stefanska is best known for her Chopin, especially her mazurka playing. A celebrated recording of the Chopin E minor Concerto thought to be by the legendary Rumanian pianist Dinu Lipatti (1917–1950) was discovered to be a 1955 recording by Czerny-Stefanska.

suggested reading:

Tanasescu, Dragos, and Grigore Bargauanu. Lipatti. Ed. by Carola Grindea; trans. by Carola Grindea and Anne Goosens. London: Kahn and Averill, 1988.

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