What to Expect When Pursuing a Career in International Business

International business careers afford many options to the right candidates thanks to the numerous aspects present in this exciting field.

For those job-seekers with a desire to expand their worldly horizons, international business jobs can provide a number of great opportunities. Thanks to overseas expansion taking place at many companies, qualified candidates are in high demand to help meet increasing international needs in a number of fields, including things like communications and technology. A position in international business means you will take on the role as the face of your specific company in the global workforce, which can be a highly fulfilling proposition for workers seeking their place on the world's business stage. This can entail undertaking entry-level duties, in addition to executive and management positions upon completion of necessary coursework in a degree program.


What Type of Education or Certification Is Required?

For those just starting out, an associate's degree is the key to breaking into the field of international business. However, to continue advancing in your career, you will need to pursue a bachelor's degree in international business. This degree will help you retain an edge over the competition, which is important when applying for highly contested positions.

Obtaining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is another option that will help you to advance your career even further. This advanced degree will only serve to illustrate your dedication to your profession, while also providing those essential skills for this and other areas of business. In general, completing MBA coursework takes about one or two years.

You could also pursue your Master in International Management (MIIM), which provides an emphasis on the international aspects of business management. Undergoing online coursework is a possibility, which can be increasingly helpful to those already immersed in the workforce.

What Responsibilities Are Associated with an International Business Position?

Those in international business will serve as the public face for their companies when away from home. In many cases duties involve things like arranging deals with other businesses to ensure that each party remains ultimately satisfied. This requires exacting knowledge of all relevant business procedures, as well as keeping local cultural matters in mind to ensure you remain in tune with prevailing sentiment. Doing so entails possession of leadership skills, the ability to exhibit ethical behavior at all times, being able to adapt to new technologies and procedures, and offering expertise related to your specific industry.

Typically, international business candidates can look forward to the following job titles:

  • Translator
  • Sales Representative
  • Investment Advisor
  • Import/Export Agent
  • International Management Consultant

As for prospective employers, institutions such as banks, corporations involved in import/export procedures, consulting firms, nongovernmental organizations, and shipping and airline businesses are all quite common places of employment for those in international business.

What Are Some Possible Career Paths in International Business?

When seeking jobs with an international business degree, there are many job-levels available to qualified candidates. For instance, those in possession of an associate's degree will find numerous entry-level positions available. These can include hospitality positions, operations management, conducting training procedures, and roles within human resources.

For candidates with a bachelor's degree, the field of possible employment opens up even further to include a number of positions, such as sales jobs, recruitment roles, executive assistance, and customs' brokering. This typically includes the following roles:

  • Business Development Director
  • Controller
  • Foreign Policy Advisor
  • Marketing Director
  • Multinational Manager
  • Trade and Customs Manager

To obtain management directorial positions, an MBA is almost always required. In addition to skills associated with business processes, accruing supplementary experience can also be exceedingly helpful when seeking opportunities for success. For instance, learning a new language can greatly broaden your horizons while also making you an indispensable asset to your company. Keeping abreast of advances in technology is also extremely important, particularly in the increasingly digitized workforce.

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