Giussani, Luigi 1922–

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Giussani, Luigi 1922–

PERSONAL: Born October 15, 1922, in Desio, Milan, Italy; son of Beniamino (a wood carver) and Angela (a textile worker; maiden name, Gelosa) Giussani. Education: Attended Diocesan Seminary of Milan and Theological Faculty of Venegomo. Religion: Catholic

ADDRESSES: Office—Comunione e Liberazione, Via Porpora 127, 20133 Milan, Italy; fax: +39-02-5661-0357. Agent—Ultreya SRL, Via Romilli 8, 20139 Milan, Italy.

CAREER: Berchet High School, Milan, Italy, religion teacher, 1954–64; Catholic University, Milan, teacher of theology, 1964–90; Comunione e Liberazione (ecclesial fraternity), Milan, leader. Member of Pontifical Council for the Laity and Congregation for the Clergy.

AWARDS, HONORS: National Catholic Culture Award, 1995.



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Giussani's works have been translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Croatian, Slovenian, Greek, Albanian, Japanese, and Arabic.



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