Givat Ze'ev

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GIVAT ZE'EV (Heb. גִּבְעַת זְאֵב), urban settlement east of Jerusalem. In 1977 a group of settlers including native-born Israelis and immigrants from the U.S.S.R. occupied a deserted Jordanian army camp near ancient Giv'on nearby. After a few failed efforts to found a settlement, the Israeli government took over in 1981 and in 1983 the first new settlers began to arrive. By 2002 the population had reached 10,600, on a land area of 0.04 sq. mi. (1 sq. km.), and enjoyed municipal status. The majority of the population consists of young families and was expanding rapidly with another 2,000 apartments under construction in 2004. Givat Ze'ev is named for Ze'ev (Vladimir) *Jabotinsky, the leader of the *Betar movement.


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