Given, David R(oger)

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GIVEN, David R(oger)

GIVEN, David R(oger). New Zealander, b. 1943. Genres: Environmental sciences/Ecology. Career: New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, research scientist, 1965-92, herbarium keeper, 1974-87; Christchurch College, resident dean of students, 1967; David Given & Associates, consultant, 1992-; Lincoln University, lecturer, 1993-95, honorary lecturer, 1996-, Isaac Centre for Nature Conservation, associate professor. University of Otago, Tennant Lecturer, 1991, Loder Cup, 1996; New Zealand Bible College, member of Canterbury regional board, 1994-2002. National Museum of Natural Sciences, Ottawa, ON, postdoctoral research fellow, 1973-74. Southern Heritage Expeditions, lecturer and tour guide, 1992-95. Publications: (with J.H. Soper) The Arctic-Alpine Element of the Vascular Flora of Lake Superior, 1981; (with G.A. Williams) New Zealand Red Data Book, 1981; Rare and Endangered Plants of New Zealand, 1981; (ed.) Conservation of Plant Species and Habitats, 1983; (with P.A. Williams) Conservation of Chatham Islands Flora and Vegetation, 1984; (with C. Wilson) Guide to Threatened Plants of New Zealand, 1990; (with W. Harris) Methods of Ethnobotany, 1994; Principles and Practice of Plant Conservation, 1994. Contributor of articles and photographs to scientific journals. Address: 101 Jeffreys Rd, Christchurch 5, New Zealand. Online address: [email protected]