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ROSS, Stewart

ROSS, Stewart. British, b. 1947. Genres: Children's non-fiction, History. Career: Trinity College, Sri Lanka, teacher, 1965-66; Exeter University, England, assistant tutor, 1970-72; University of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, lecturer, 1972-74; King's School, Canterbury, England, master/housemaster, 1974-78; Rollins College, Florida, lecturer, 1979-89; full-time writer, 1989-. I.C.E.S. La Roche-sur-Yon, France, lecturer, 1995-97; frequent lecturer and broadcaster. Publications: FOR CHILDREN: NONFICTION: Columbus and the Age of Exploration, 1985; Chaucer and the Middle Ages, 1985; A Medieval Serf, 1985; Pepys and the Stuarts, 1985; A Saxon Farmer, 1985; A Victorian Factory Worker, 1985; Dickens and the Victorians, 1986; Spotlight on Medieval Europe, 1986; The Ancient Britons, 1987; Lloyd George and the First World War, 1987; Spotlight on the Stuarts, 1987; Spotlight on the Victorians, 1987; Winston Churchill and the Second World War, 1987; The Ancient World, 1990; Britain between the Wars, 1990; The Home Front, 1990; Elizabethan Life, 1991; The Nineteen Eighties, 1991; Europe, 1992; Racism in the Third Reich, 1992; Battle of Little Bighorn, 1993; Britain at War 1914-1918, 1993; Gunfight at O.K. Corral, 1993; Propaganda, 1993; Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane, 1993; World Leaders, 1993; Wounded Knee, 1993; Cavaliers and Roundheads, 1994; Shakespeare and Macbeth: The Story behind the Play, 1994; Britain since 1930, 1995; Ancient Greece: Greek Theatre, 1996; Ancient Greece: The Original Olympics, 1996; And Then-: A History of the World in 128 Pages, 1996; Beware the King! The Story of Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII, 1996; Down with the Romans: The Tragic Tale of Queen Boudicca, 1996. HOW THEY LIVED SERIES: A Family in World War II, 1985; An Edwardian Household, 1986; A Crusading Knight, 1986; A Roman Centurion, 1985; A Soldier in World War I, 1987. POLITICS TODAY SERIES: The Alliance Parties, 1986; The Conservative Party, 1986; The House of Commons, 1986; The House of Lords, 1986; The Labour Party, 1986; The Prime Minister, 1986; The Cabinet and Government, 1987; Elections, 1987; The European Parliament and the European Community, 1987; Local Government, 1987; The Monarchy, 1987; Trade Unions and Pressure Groups, 1987. WITNESS HISTORY SERIES: Toward European Unity, 1989; China since 1945, 1988; The Origins of World War I, 1989; The Russian Revolution, 1989; The United Nations, 1989; The USSR under Stalin, 1991; War in the Trenches, 1990. STARTING HISTORY SERIES: Food We Ate, 1991; How We Travelled, 1991; What We Wore, 1991; Where We Lived, 1991; Our Environment, 1992; Our Family, 1992; Our Health, 1992; Our Holidays, 1992; Our Schools, 1992; Shopping, 1992. FACT OR FICTION SERIES: Spies and Traitors, 1995; Pirates: The Story of Buccaneers, Brigands, Corsairs, and Their Piracy on the High Seas from the Spanish Main to the China Sea, 1995; Cowboys: A Journey down the Long, Lonely Cattle Trail in Search of the Hard-Riding, Gun-Slinging Cowhands of the Old West, 1995; Bandits and Outlaws: The Truth about Outlaws, Highwaymen, Smugglers, and Robbers from the Bandit Gangs of Ancient China to the Desperados of Today, 1995; Conquerors and Explorers, 1996; Secret Societies, 1996; Knights, 1996; Witches, 1996. CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES SERIES: Causes and Consequences of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1996; Causes and Consequences of the Rise of Japan and the Pacific Rim, 1996; Causes and Consequences of World War II, 1996. FOR ADULTS: NONFICTION: Monarchs of Scotland, 1990; Scottish Castles, 1990; Ancient Scotland, 1991; History in Hiding: The Story of Britain's Secret Passages and Hiding Places, 1991; The Stewart Dynasty, 1993. FICTION: One Crowded Hour, 1994; Beneath Another Sun, 1994. OTHER: The Last Clarinet (libretto), 1995. EDITOR: The First World War, 1989; The Second World War, 1989. Author of articles and a play that was performed in 1992. Address: 3 Westfield, Blean, Canterbury, Kent CT2 9ER, England.

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