Ross, Tony

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ROSS, Tony

ROSS, Tony. British, b. 1938. Genres: Children's fiction. Career: Graphic Designer, Littlewoods, Liverpool, 1961-62, and Smith Kline and French Pharmaceuticals, Welwyn Garden City, Herts., 1962-64; Art Director, Brunnings Advertising, Manchester, 1964-65; Lecturer in Illustration, Manchester Polytechnic, 1965-86. Publications: SELF-ILLUSTRATED: Tales from Mr. Toffy's Circus: Big Ethel, Blodwen, Bop, Mr. Toffy, Samuel, Tiger Hary, 6 vols, 1973; Hugo and the Man Who Stole Colours, 1977; Hugo and the Wicked Winter, 1977; Norman and Flop Meet the Toy Bandit, 1977; Hugo and Oddsock, 1978; The Greedy Little Cobber, 1979; The True Story of Mother Goose and Her Son Jack, 1979; Hugo and the Ministry of Holidays, 1980, in U.S. as Hugo and the Bureau of Holidays, 1982; Naughty Nigel, 1982, in U.S. as Naughty Nicky, 1983; Jack the Giantkiller, 1983; I'm Coming to Get You, 1984; Towser series, 6 vols, 1984-85; Lazy Jack, 1985; I Want My Potty, 1986; Oscar Got the Blame, 1987; Super Dooper Jezebel, 1988; I Want a Cat, 1988; The Treasure of Cosy Cove, or The Voyage of the Kipper, 1989; The Happy Rag (in U.S. as The Happy Blanket), 1990; Mrs. Goat and Her Seven Little Kids, 1990; Don't Do That!, 1991; Big Bad Barney Bear, 1992; I Want to Be, 1993; ("Little Princess" board book series) Bedtime, Pets, Shapes, Weather, 1994; Towser and Towser's Party, 1995; Towser and the Monster Egg, 1995; I Want My Dinner, 1995; Wash Your Hands!, 2000. RETELLINGS: Goldilocks and the Three Bears, 1976; The Pied Piper of Hamelin, 1977; Little Red Riding Hood, 1978; Jack and the Beanstalk, 1980; Puss in Boots, 1981; The Three Pigs, 1983; The Boy Who Cried Wolf, 1985; Foxy Fables, 1986; Playschool Book of Songs, 1987; Stone Soup, 1987; Hansel and Gretel, 1989; (with H. Oram) Anyone Seen Harry Lately?, 1989; Five Favorite Tales, 1990; A Fairy Tale, 1992; (abridger) Alice through the Looking Glass, 1992; (abridger) Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, 1993; (adaptor) The Shop of Ghosts, 1994. Illustrator of books by: L.R. Banks, T. Bradman, L. Camp, P. Curtis, P. Danziger, C. Delafosse, S. Garland, H. Oram, M. Rosen, F. Simon, J. Willis, and others. Address: c/o Andersen Press, 20 Vauxhall Bridge Rd, London SW1V 2SA, England.