Judah Leib ben Enoch Zundel

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JUDAH LEIB BEN ENOCH ZUNDEL (1645–1705), German rabbi. Judah Leib's father was rabbi of Gnesen (Gniezno), Poznania. As a result of the *Chmielnicki persecutions (1648) he fled to Germany and became rabbi of the district of Swabia, settling in Oettingen. Judah Leib succeeded him in 1675 but took up his residence in the town of Pfersee, where he remained until his death. He was the author of Ḥinnukh Beit Yehudah (Frankfurt, 1708), containing 145 responsa, some of which are by his father, on the four sections of the Shulḥan Arukh. It was published posthumously by his son Ḥanokh Enoch, av bet din of Schnaittach. Another work, Reshit Bikkurim (ibid., 1708), sermons by Judah Leib and his father, was also published by the son. It contains homilies for festivals and Sabbaths based upon Joseph Albo's three principles of faith – the existence of God, revelation, and reward and punishment. According to his son, this work consists of excerpts from a commentary on the whole Bible which Judah Leib had intended publishing.


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Judah Leib ben Enoch Zundel

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