Judah ben Pedaya

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JUDAH BEN PEDAYA (Padah ; early third century c.e.), Palestinian amora. His statements, both in halakhah and aggadah, are numerous in both Talmuds and the Midrash, but he was recognized as a master of aggadah. In the Babylonian Talmud he was known as Bar Pada, in the Jerusalem Talmud as Bar Pedaya, and in the Midrash by his full name. He studied under *Judah ha-Nasi or *Ḥiyya (according to an alternative reading), and he was a pupil of his uncle, *Bar Kappara. Among his disciples were *Joshua b. Levi, Johanan, *Hezekiah, and *Ilfa. His statement concerning the belated attempt of the wicked to repent on Judgment Day has become popular: "If a man has not prepared before the Sabbath, how can he eat on the Sabbath?"


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