Judah, Son of Ẓipporai

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JUDAH, SON OF ẒIPPORAI (first century), patriot. According to Josephus, Judah was a sophist of highest reputation among the Jews, an unrivalled interpreter of their ancestral laws, and educator of the youth. Taking advantage of Herod's illness (4 b.c.e.) he, together with his friend and fellow scholar Mattathias son of Margalot, persuaded their disciples to pull down the golden eagle, the symbol of Rome, which Herod had erected over the great gate of the Temple, since it was contrary to Jewish law. The two scholars, together with their disciples, were burnt alive on the command of Herod shortly before his death.


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[Edna Elazary]

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Judah, Son of Ẓipporai

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