Judah ben Nissan

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JUDAH BEN NISSAN (b. early 17th century), Polish talmudic scholar. He was related by marriage to many important rabbinic personages. He held rabbinic positions in Olkusz, Sieniawa, and Tomaszow (all in Poland). The great respect for his scholarship is evidenced by his being appointed to the important rabbinate of Kalisz at the time when Abraham Abele *Gombiner was dayyan there. He participated in the Council of the Four Lands in 1681. Judah wrote Beit Yehudah, containing novellae on the more frequently studied tractates of the orders Nashim and Nezikin, as well as on Ḥullin. It is in two parts: the first part (Sulzbach, 1687) covers the aggadic sections of the tractates, while the second, edited by his son Abraham (Dessau, 1698), deals with the halakhic material.


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[Jacob Haberman]