Judah Aryeh Leib ben david

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JUDAH ARYEH LEIB BEN DAVID (d. 1709), rabbi and author, also called Leib Kalish. He was a grandson of Joel *Sirkes and Abraham Ḥayyim Schor, the author of Torat Ḥayyim (Lublin, 1624). He served as rabbi and rosh yeshivah in the communities of Kremsier (Moravia) and Lobsens (Posen) for 22 years, and Kalisz. In 1708 he accepted an invitation to become the rabbi of the Ashkenazi community of Amsterdam, but he died a year and a half later. He was succeeded in the rabbinate of Amsterdam by Ẓevi Hirsch b. Jacob *Ashkenazi (the Ḥakham Ẓevi). Judah Aryeh Leib was the author of Gur Aryeh (Amsterdam, 1733), homilies on the Pentateuch, to which was appended the Bedek ha-Bayit, composed by his grandfather Abraham Ḥayyim Schor. Many of Judah Aryeh Leib's aggadic novellae are mentioned in the introduction to Shama Shelomo (Amsterdam, 1710) by Solomon *Algazi. His responsa have remained in manuscript.


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