Judah (Judel) ben Moses of Lublin

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JUDAH (Judel ) BEN MOSES OF LUBLIN (17th century), rabbi and author. Judah was rabbi and rosh yeshivah of Kovel, and district rabbi and rosh yeshivah of Lemberg in 1652. From 1691 to 1699 he also served in Lublin, but whether as rabbi as well as head of the yeshivah is uncertain. He was regarded as one of the important rabbis of his generation, his commendations appearing in many books, and was one of the rabbis of the *Council of Four Lands. He wrote commentaries to the Shulḥan Arukh, Oraḥ Ḥayyim (called Kol Yehudah), as well as notes to *Asher b. Jehiel's Talmud commentary, which he intended to have published along with *David b. Samuel ha-Levi's Turei Zahav. The money he sent for this purpose was used without his knowledge to publish David ha-Levi's commentary on the Pentateuch, Divrei David (Dyhrenfurth, 1689). Some of his comments are quoted in the Kav ha-Yashar (Frankfurt, 1705) of Ẓevi Hirsch *Koidanover. He died in Dubnow. Of his sons, Joseph was rabbi in Dubnow, Ze'ev Wolf in Minsk, Aryeh Leib in Slutsk, and Moses in Posen.


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