Hajdu, Miklós

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HAJDU, MIKLÓS (1879–1956), Hungarian journalist and author. Born in Gölle, Hajdu studied in Budapest. From 1897, he was on the editorial boards of Budapesti Napló ("Budapest Daily") and A Nap ("The Day"), later becoming editor of the latter. Bright in style, A Nap was the first "boulevard" type paper in Hungary. Hajdu had a keen interest in Jewish communal life and was one of the leaders of the liberal Isaiah Religious Society. He supported the Zionist cause before World War i and after the revolution of 1918 continued the struggle against assimilation within the framework of the Pest Neolog community. His literary works describe Jewish village life in western Hungary, and include Gilead (1914) and Szeniczei Savuot ("The Shavuot of Szenice," 1939). In 1939 he emigrated to Ereẓ Israel and settled in Tel Aviv.


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