Hajjāj (Hagège), Daniel

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HAJJĀJ (Hagège ), DANIEL (1892–?), *Tunis-born publicist and Judeo-Arabic writer who immigrated to Paris in 1959. Hajjāj published, translated, adapted, and edited over 30 novels and worked on several local papers, while at the same time being employed in a series of professions – including pharmacist and typographer. Among his writings in Judeo-Arabic are "The Barber's Assistant" (1930), a short story followed by a collection of 1,000 Tunisian, Judeo-Arabic proverbs (Mille proverbes tunisiens), arranged in alphabetical order and "Tunisian Judeo-Arabic Literature" (1939), a survey of Judeo-Arabic literature and writers. He also founded and edited the scientific and artistic periodical La Gaieté Tunisienne (1913–15, 1933).


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[Robert Attal]