Hajek, Markus

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HAJEK, MARKUS (1861–1941), laryngologist. Hajek, who was born in Yugoslavia, served in Vienna as assistant in the Rudolf Hospital and the University Polyclinic, and then became professor of laryngology at the University of Vienna. Hajek made fundamental contributions to anatomic, pathological, and clinical subjects in rhinolaryngology. He developed a systematic and scientific approach in the diagnosis and therapy of sinus ailments based on anatomical and pathological studies. He conducted studies on tuberculosis of the upper respiratory tract. He devised many practical instruments, suggested a new method of operation on frontal sinusitis, and improved the technique of extralaryngeal operations for cancer of the larynx. Hajek had to emigrate when the Nazis annexed Austria and died a destitute refugee in London. Among his publications are Pathologie und Therapie der entzuendlichen Erkrankungen der Nebenhoehlen der Nase (1899) which was translated into English in 1926, and Syphilis of the Oral Cavity, Pharynx and Nasopharyngeal Cavity (1928).


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