Bakri, Mohammed°

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BAKRI, MOHAMMED° (1953– ), controversial Israeli Arab actor/director whose 2002 documentary Jenin Jenin, about the idf incursion into Jenin, was banned by the Israeli censor. Although the ban was lifted later, it focused attention on the movie, which was widely distributed on dvd. Many pointed out its inaccuracies and accused Bakri of inciting hatred. Prior to directing this inflammatory film, Bakri, who was born in the village of Al Bineh in the Galilee, had a distinguished career as a film and theater actor. His most famous role was as the Palestinian inmate who joins forces with Israeli prisoners in the 1984 film Beyond the Walls. He has appeared in more than 25 other films, including several in which he portrays Israeli Jews. His film credits include Hanna K. (1983), Esther (1986), Cup Final (1991), Desperado Square (2001), and Private (2004). He subsequently concentrated on acting in and directing theater in Galilee.

[Hannah Brown (2nd ed.)]