Baky, LÁszlÓ°

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BAKY, LÁSZLÓ° (1898–1946), Hungarian antisemitic politician. Baky was a leading member first of the Hungarian National Socialist Party and later of *Szálasi's *Arrow-Cross Party, which he left temporarily in 1941. In March 1944 he became undersecretary of state in the Ministry of the Interior, in charge of Jewish affairs. He presided at the secret meeting of April 4, 1944, where the arrangement for the deportations of Jews was drawn up, and was one of those who directed the setting-up of ghettos and the deportations. On June 29–30, 1944, Baky attempted an unsuccessful fascist coup against Horthy. Nevertheless, he retained his position until September 5. Later he was one of the founders of a group of right-wing deputies who sought to give a legal framework to the Szálasi regime. Baky was sentenced to death by a Budapest People's Court and executed in 1946.


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