Biographies - Northwest Territories

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Allen, Roger T. (Inuvik Twin Lakes)
Bell, Hon. Brendan, B.Comm., M.B.A. (Yellowknife South) Minister of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development
Braden, Bill (Great Slave)
Delorey, Hon. Paul (Hay River North) Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
Dent, Hon. Charles, B.A. (Frame Lake) Government House Leader, Minister of Education, Culture and Employment, Minister of Justice and Minister Responsible for the Status of Women
Groenewegen, Jane (Hay River South)
Handley, Hon. Joe (Weledeh) Premier, Chair of the Executive Council, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, and Minister of NWT Power Corporation
Hawkins, Robert, B.M.E. (Yellowknife Centre)
Krutko, Hon. David (MacKenzie-Delta) Minister of the N.W.T. Housing Corporation and Minister Responsible for the Workers' Compensation Board
Lee, Sandy, B.A., LL.B. (Range Lake)
McLeod, Hon. Michael (Deh Cho) Minister of Transportation, Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs, and Minister Responsible for Youth
Menicoche, Kevin (Nahendeh)
Miltenberger, Hon. Michael, B.A. (Thebacha) Minister of Health and Social Services, Minister Responsible for Persons with Disabilities, Minister Responsible for Seniors and Minister Responsible for the Homeless
Pokiak, Calvin (Nunakput)
Ramsay, David, B.A. (Kam Lake)
Roland, Hon. Floyd K. (Inuvik Boot Lake) Deputy Premier, Minister of Finance, Minister of Public Works and Services, Chair of the Financial Management Board and Minister Responsible for the Public Utilities Board
Villeneuve, Robert (Tu Nedhe)
Yakeleya, Norman (Sahtu)
Zoe, Henry (North Slave)