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Registered Nurses

While important, having the desire to be a registered nurse (RN) isn’t always enough. It’s essential that future RNs have the skills necessary to succeed at the job. Learning more about what the job entails can help individuals to decide whether to seek out jobs with RN degree qualifications.

RN Job Description

Registered nurses are responsible for a number tasks, and these usually include:

  • Help with patient care
  • Get patients ready for exams
  • Ensure records are well-maintained and current
  • Help develop care plans for patients
  • Administer medication and monitor patients for adverse side effects
  • Supervise other nurses

Additional job duties for RNs are heavily dependent on their work environment. Individuals are usually ready for a variety of setting and careers with RN degree requirements, such as hospitals, physician offices, nursing homes and travel nursing.

Qualities and Skills

Since both medical staffs and patients rely on RNs, some important skills that registered nurses should display may include:

  • Be good listeners
  • Have an abundance of compassion
  • Be dependable
  • Possess organizational skills
  • Have the ability to work on a team and be supportive

Those who are ready for RN careers should also be able to tolerate stress and know how to properly manage their stress. Registered nurses should also be ethical and possess critical thinking skills in order to make the most ethical decisions regarding their work and patients.

In addition to having versatile skills, RNs enjoy versatile roles in the health industry. No matter which work environment nurses find themselves in, chances are the demand for their skills, qualities and education will be in high demand.