Regis, Johannes

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Regis, Johannes

Regis, Johannes , Netherlands composer; b. c. 1430; d. probably in Soignies, c. 1485. He was made “magister puerorum” of Cambrai Cathedral (1460), then of Notre Dame in Antwerp (1463). He was secretary to Dufay in Cambrai (1464–74), and finally canon and scholasticus in Soignies (1481–82). He wrote 2 masses on the melody of L’Homme armé, a 5-part motet, O admira-bile commercium, and other vocal pieces. His collected works were publ. in 2 vols, by the American Inst. of Musicology in Rome (1956), under the editorship of C. Lindenburg.


C. Lindenburg, Het Leven en de werken van J. R. (Amsterdam, 1939).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Regis, Johannes

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