Regions, Nations, and Peoples

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Section 3

Principles of Regionalism 243

John Agnew

Britain 257

Brian Lewis

Ireland 271

David W. Miller

France 283

Jeremy D. Popkin

The Low Countries 297

Wim Blockmans

The Iberian Peninsula 307

Montserrat Miller

Italy 321

Lucy Riall

Central Europe 337

Mary Jo Maynes and Eric Weitz

The Nordic Countries 357

Panu Pulma

The Baltic Nations 371

Alfred Erich Senn

East Central Europe 379

Steven Béla Várdy and Emil Neiderhauser

Russia and the East Slavs 405

Rex Wade

The Balkans 421

Maria Bucur

The Jews and Anti-Semitism 433

Michael C. Hickey

Roma: The Gypsies 449

David M. Crowe

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Regions, Nations, and Peoples

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