Lambert, Dave (Dave Alden)

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Lambert, Dave (Dave Alden)

Lambert, Dave (Dave Alden), noted jazz singer, arranger; b. Boston, Mass., June 19, 1917; d. Westport, Conn., Oct. 3, 1966. The singing he did on his own (as on “Keynote,” 1947) is little known, but as the founder of the Dave Lambert Singers, later known as Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, he introduced perhaps the most celebrated vocal group in jazz history, and one of the most celebrated singers and lyricists, Jon Hendricks. A Miles Davis early work, “Becky’s Night Out,” was reportedly recorded by Lambert but has never been found. The group first recorded, with Hendricks’s lyrics, “Four Brothers” (several takes at different tempos) in 1954 for an obscure label as the Lambert Singers, then became L, H, and R in 1957. Their Roulette album, Sing a Song of Basie was a sensation in 1958 with its overdubbing of their three voices to make a full band sound. They continued to record and work together through the early 1960s. In 1962, Ross left and was replaced for a while by Yolande Bavan; the group disbanded in 1964. Lambert died soon after.


D. L. Sings and Swings (1958). L, H, R: Sing a Song of Basie (1957); Sing Along with Basie (1958); Swingers! (1958); Everybody’s Boppin’ (1959); Hottest New Group in Jazz (1960); Lambert, Hendricks and Ross (1960); Sings Ellington (1960); Lambert, Hendricks and Ross Sing (1961); High Flying (1962); Swingin’ Til the Girls Come Home (1962); At Basin Street East (1963); At Newport ’63 (1963).

—Lewis Porter

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Lambert, Dave (Dave Alden)

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