Lambert, Aimé

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LAMBERT, AIMÉ (1825–1896), French army officer. Born in Nancy, Lambert volunteered for the National Guard in 1848 and took part in suppressing the Paris rising of that year. Twice wounded, he was decorated for bravery. During the Franco-Prussian War he was made town commander of Versailles. In 1877, Lambert was promoted to brigadier general and made commander of Paris. In 1878 he was commander in chief of the French Occupation Army in *Tunisia. An outstanding administrator, Lambert was given several honorary appointments, including that of military commander of the Palace of the Elysée. He received numerous honors and retired with the rank of lieutenant general in 1889. Lambert was a conscious Jew and repeatedly refused to convert to Christianity despite pressure from his fellow officers in the high command.

[Mordechai Kaplan]