Lambert of Saint-Bertin

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Abbot; b. c. 1060; d. Saint-Bertin, June 22, 1125. Born of a noble family, Lambert entered the Abbey of saint-bertin c. 1070. There he taught grammar, philosophy, theology, and music. Having become abbot in 1095, he made energetic reforms in the monastery and brought it under the cluniac reform. A contemporary account of his life (Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores 15:946953) records that he wrote sermons on the Old Testament; disputations on free will, predestination, and grace; and questiones on natural science. His letters to anselm of canterbury are extant (Patrologia Latina 158:1083; 159:72, 171), as are the verses exchanged with reginald of canterbury [ed. F. Liebermann, Neues Archiv der Gesellschaft für ältere deutsche Geschichtskunde 13 (1888) 528, 531534]. The identification of Lambert with lambert of saint-omer made by M.E. Taillar, J. Tessier, and R. Ceillier has been denied by L. Duchesne, L. Delisle, and M. Manitius, Geschichte der lateinischen Literatur des Mittelalters.

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Lambert of Saint-Bertin

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