Lambert of Saint-Omer

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Encyclopedist; d. c. 1125; A canon at Saint-Omer as his father, Onulf, had been before him, Lambert was the author of an encyclopedia of general knowledge, the Liber floridus (Patrologia Latina 163:100331), completed in 1120. His work is a compilation of extracts from authorities, both ancient and contemporary, usually unacknowledged; it embraces most fields of learning, including history, geography, mathematics, astronomy, natural history, grammar, and orthography. His sources included Pliny, Seneca, Publilius Syrus, Orosius, Macrobius, Paulinus of Nola, Jerome, Isidore, Gregory of Tours, Rabanus Maurus, Peter the Painter, Einhard, Bede, and others. The work has many illustrations, maps, plans, and genealogical trees. There is much repetition of information. Nothing is known of Lambert's career. He is sometimes confused with lambert of saint-bertin, who is certainly a separate identity, but the two may have belonged to the same monastery of Sithiu, i.e., saintbertin.

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