Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster

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Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster woof! Nankai No Kai Ketto; Ebirah, Terror of the Deep; Big Duel in the North 1966

Godzilla makes friends with former rival Mothra (a giant moth) and together they bash on Ebirah, an enormous lobster backed by an evil cadre of (human) totalitarians. The unrepentant crusteacean turns the tables on our heroes, however, by growing a new tentacle everytime one is ripped off. Meanwhile, a frenzied batch of helpless humans are trapped on an island about to explode, if they aren't drowned first in a shower of reptilian backwash. 80m/C VHS, DVD . JP Kumi Mizuno, Chotaro Togin, Hideo Sunazuka, Akira Tekarada; D: Jun Fukuda; W: Shinichi Sekizawa, Kazuo Yamada; C: Masaru Sato.