Goehlert, Robert

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GOEHLERT, Robert. American, b. 1948. Genres: Bibliography, Reference. Career: Indiana University, Bloomington, Political Science Data Archive and Computing Library, archivist, 1971-72, College of Arts and Sciences, assistant instructor, 1973, Department of Political Science, research and editorial assistant, 1973-74, and instructor, 1975-; University Library, assistant to librarian for economics and political science, 1973-74, subject specialist for political science, economics, and criminal justice, 1974-, assistant head of subject and area librarians, 1974-, acting head for Interlibrary Services, 1985-86; Honor's Division, assistant instructor, 1974; School of Library and Information Science, adjunct faculty, 1985-. Guest lecturer for the School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University, 1975-; visiting librarian at the Commonwealth of Australia Parliamentary Library and Australian National University's Menzies Library, 1984; Chairman of library committees, 1978-96. Publications: NONFICTION (with F. Martin): The Parliament of Great Britain: A Bibliography, 1982; Policy Analysis and Management: A Bibliography, 1984; The Presidency: A Research Guide, 1984; The American Presidents: A Bibliography, 1988; The U.S. Supreme Court: A Bibliography, 1990; How to Research the Supreme Court, 1992; The United States Congress: An Annotated Bibliography 1980-93, 1995; (with J. Sayre) Members of Congress: A Bibliography, 1996; How to Research Congress, 1996; How to Research the Presidency, 1996; Political Science Journal of Information, 1997; American Government and Politics: A Guide to Books for Teachers, 1997. OTHER: (with T. Michalk) Reform of Local Government Structures in the United States 1945-1971: A Microfiche Library, 1976; Presidential Campaigns: A Cartoon History 1789-1976, 1977; Directory of Librarians and Information Specialists in Political Science, 1979; (with P. Baker and E. Ostrom) Metropolitan Reform: An Annotated Bibliography, 1979; (with J. Sayre) The United States Congress: A Bibliography, 1982; (with F. Musto) State Legislatures: A Bibliography, 1985; (with E. Hoffmeister) The Department of State and American Diplomacy: A Bibliography, 1986; (with N. Gunderson) Government Regulation of Business: An Information Sourcebook, 1987; The Parliament of Australia: A Bibliography, 1988; (with H. Reynolds) The Executive Branch of the U.S. Government: A Bibliography, 1988; Congress and Law-making: Researching the Legislative Process, 1989; (with M. Shaaban) The European Community: Basic Resources, 1991; (with M. Shaaban) UN Documentation: A Basic Guide, 1992; (with A.C. Stamatoples) The Chinese Economy: A Bibliography of Works in English, 1995. Contributor to anthologies. Contributor to periodicals. Address: 4519 East Deckard Drive, Bloomington, IN 47408, U.S.A.