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Born in Delhi, India; immigrated to the United States, 1973; father, a naturopathic physician; married. Ethnicity: "Indian." Education: Attended University of Delhi. Hobbies and other interests: Classical music, poetry, reading, metaphysical research, bicycling, television and film production.


Home—New York, NY.


Times of India, journalist, beginning 1957; Service Civil International, volunteer throughout Europe and England, beginning 1963; producer and host of Think Big, a talk show on astrology and positive thinking, New York, NY, beginning 1974; Astronews (monthly magazine), publisher and editor, beginning 1976; Inter-National Development Improvement and Assistance, Inc. (nonprofit educational organization), founder, 1979; Ostaro's Market Newsletter, publisher and editor, beginning 1980; The Ostaro Show (television series), host; Svarg Syndicate, Inc., New York, NY, president; also works as an astrologer. Formerly worked for Lloyd's of London. Actor in films, including appearance as a swami in Stardust Memories, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; and in commercials; guest on television programs, including Late Night with David Letterman.


Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Radio and Television Artists, Toastmasters International, Self-Realization Fellowship.


(Under pseudonym Ostaro) The Art and Craft of Success: Ten Steps, Svarg Syndicate (New York, NY), 2001.

(And producer) Cobra's Wish (screenplay), 2005.

101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life: Volume 3, Self Improvement Online (Marlboro, NJ), 2007.

Other screenplays include Vaikoont. Contributor to periodicals. Some other writings also appear under the pseudonym Ostaro.


Dhruv Goele once told CA: "I grew up in a traditional Vedic family. My father was a Hindu naturopathic physician, who treated thousands of patients free of charge at a charitable hospital in Delhi, India, during and after retiring from government service. Like my father, I was deeply interested in metaphysics and astrology, which I started studying at an early age. After completing high school, I followed in my father's footsteps to study medicine, but later I decided to opt for a career in the newspaper business instead. I joined the Times of India in 1957.

"In 1963 I sailed for Marseilles, France, as a volunteer with Service Civil International, a nonprofit organization. My European stint took me to Germany and to England. After a five-year stay in London, I moved to Paris, where I carried out research in astrology, the Kabbalah, and the laws governing human destiny. I wrote On the Altars of Gold, an esoteric satire on materialism, yet to be published.

"In 1973 I decided to move to America, my astrological home, and I settled in New York. In 1979 I founded Inter-National Development Improvement and Assistance, Inc., a not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to positive thinking, self-help, and psychical research, with a firm conviction that positive thinking leads to positive results. In 1980 I edited and published Ostaro's Market Newsletter dedicated to DJIA, silver, gold, interest rates, and currencies. As a Gemini, it is natural for me to communicate through writing and speaking.

"I am a Hindu astrologer who accurately predicted the elections of President Bill Clinton, New York Governor George Pataki, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, and Senator Hillary Clinton, as well as the breakup of the Soviet Union and five winners of the World Series in baseball. My technique of chart delineation involves Sidereal, Tropical, and Kabbalistic systems of astrology.

"I am a lover of classical music and poetry. My favorite poets are Alfred Tennyson, Lord Byron, Samuel Coleridge, John Keats, John Milton, William Shakespeare, Percy Shelley, William Wordsworth, Christina Rossetti, and Rabindranath Tagore, the poet laureate of India.

The personalities I revere most are Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, my guru and founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship in the United States; Count Louis Hamon (Cheiro), the great sage and occultist of the twentieth century; the great British astrologer Alan Leo, who lived in India for many years; and the foremost American astrologer Evangeline Adams, who was consulted by the most famous people of her time. One of the poets whose writing most touched me is Oscar Wilde, the satirist and playwright, whom I immensely adore for his depth of thought and soul-stirring depiction of human struggles with the flesh. I was much moved by The Ballad of Reading Gaol. I admire Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who was a Leo, for his endurance and courage.

"A firm believer in the laws of nature and the practice of positive thinking, I believe that man is a co-creator with God, provided he does not digress and stays within the spiritual laws governing the individual destinies and global events. I am a skeptic, and accept nothing without proof and proven facts. I bow to the superior knowledge and the Most High.

"In 1998 I started writing The Art and Craft of Success: Ten Steps, a book on self-improvement. All our performance limits are self-imposed and our creative potential is limitless. We have to match our creativity with limit-free thinking. In the book I reveal the profound reasons for failure, and how to act in the right direction. I enumerate a step-by-step formula to achieve your goals and guide you from the conceptual stage to a successful completion of a project. You will learn why you must avoid certain people to succeed. I combine a unique technique of problem analysis and a practical strategy to get what you want. My ideas will trigger you to act and save a lot of time, money, and energy by eliminating failure.

"I am a firm believer in integrity, honesty, justice, and fairness, and a staunch believer in reincarnation. I believe I once lived in France and consider it my country by adoption. The United States is my astrological home and India the country of my birth.

"We can undo whatever wrongs we have done. Stars don't compel you to do anything, but bad habits of the past do. Most people who come to me for advice fail to follow my suggestions because of reasons such as ego, old habits of doing things in a wrong way, laziness (mental and physical), their belief that they cannot change, that ‘it is too late,’ and because of association with people who steer them, because of selfish designs, into their own direction to profit from a confused state of circumstances.

"I once observed that, in general, fire signs (Aries, Sagittarius, or Leo) are more willing to change and benefit from my advice. They are more open and have more moral courage. They are the realists of the world, go-getters, and are ready to pay any price for what they want. Most people have wrong expectations from an astrologer, ask the wrong questions, and want everything done for them. They don't want to invest money, effort, and energy to get what they want. They want a quick fix for all their problems without much payment in coin or kind."

He later added: "As a metaphysician I am totally apolitical and have no interest whatsoever in organized religion. My outlook on life is very scientific. I believe in a practical philosophy that a person in the street may find beneficial.

"When a person crosses my path, I try to bring about positive changes in his/her life utilizing astrological lore of the highest order possible. Jargon in every form bores me, for all the great personages were high thinkers who lived very simply. Through my e-newsletter at oSTARo.com I try to motivate my readers toward their evolution by imparting a positive value system so that they may grow and develop intellectually and spiritually. But they must make the effort. Mere philosophy is no use if it cannot help us evolve practically. I firmly believe that intellectual and spiritual nutrition is more important than physical nutrition. I do realize that a hungry man only thinks of food. I am extremely troubled by a total loss of family values in the United States as a result of industrialization and high technology."



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