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Around the Bend ★★ 2004 (R)

Dying patriarch Henry Lair (Caine) is being cared for by his grandson Jason (Lucas), who is also looking after his own young son, Zach (Bobo). Jason's black sheep father, Turner (Walken), abandoned him to Henry's care when he was a child. But Turner suddenly shows up, just in time to fulfill Henry's last request—he wants to be buried in a bizarre ritual that will mean a generational road trip from L.A. to Albuquerque. So does some male bonding occur? Boy, howdy, you betcha, but with Walken around the trip is never completely mundane. Feature debut of director/writer Roberts. 83m/C DVD . US Christopher Walken, Josh(ua) Lucas, Michael Caine, Glenne Headly, Jonah Bobo; D: Jordan Roberts; W: Jordan Roberts; C: Michael Grady; M: David Baerwald.

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