Arosemena, Florencio Harmodio (1872–1945)

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Arosemena, Florencio Harmodio (1872–1945)

Florencio Harmodio Arosemena (b. 17 September 1872; d. 30 August 1945), a civil engineer and president of Panama (1928–1931). Arosemena presided over one of the most corrupt periods in Panamanian history. His only previous political involvement had been a brief period as a councilman in the Panama City government. He became president largely as a result of the manipulations of President Rodolfo Chiari (1924–1928). He and his cronies lined their pockets and used their offices for their own personal businesses. He was overthrown on 2 January 1931 by the nationalistic organization Acción Comunal. It was the first time since its separation from Colombia that a constitutionally elected government of Panama had been overthrown.

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Arosemena, Florencio Harmodio (1872–1945)

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