Arosemena Quinzada, Albacíades (1883–1958)

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Arosemena Quinzada, Albacíades (1883–1958)

Albacíades Arosemena Quinzada (b. 20 November 1883; d. 8 November 1958), Panamanian president (1951–1952). Arosemena was born in Los Santos. He was a cattleman and a businessman but was also very active in politics, having served as minister of the treasury, treasurer of the Panama City government, and ambassador to Spain and France. Arosemena Quinzada was president after the overthrow of Arnulfo Arias. His period in office was very chaotic, and he was unsuccessful in his attempts to calm the situation.

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Albacíades Arosemena Quinzada. Edición conmemorativa del centenario de su nacimiento (1984).

                                    Juan Manuel PÉrez