Arosemena, Pablo (1836–1920)

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Arosemena, Pablo (1836–1920)

Pablo Arosemena (b. 1836; d. 29 August 1920), Panamanian politician and president (1910–1912) and an ardent supporter of classical nineteenth-century liberalism. Arosemena held many important political posts during his long political life. He was attorney general, president of the Sovereign State of Panama in 1875 and 1885 (on both occasions overthrown by the Colombian army), and in 1880 he was elected second vice president to the Colombian presidency. Arosemena continued to be active in politics after Panama's separation from Colombia. In 1904 he became president of the National Constituent Assembly. He served as Panama's president from September 1910 to October 1912, having been appointed by the National Assembly to finish the term of José Domingo de Obaldía following his death. Arosemena succeeded Carlos Antonio Mendoza, who temporarily had assumed the presidency immediately following Obaldía's death.

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Arosemena, Pablo (1836–1920)

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