Rosanes, Ẓevi Hirsch ben Issachar Berish

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ROSANES, ẒEVI HIRSCH BEN ISSACHAR BERISH (1733–1804), Polish rabbi; grandson of Jacob Joshua *Falk. He was rabbi of Bolechow and in 1787, on the death of Mordecai Ze'ev Ornstein, was appointed rabbi of Lemberg, as his grandfather had been. He was the only rabbi of Lemberg after Mordecai Ze'ev Ornstein who was not a member of the Ornstein family. Rosanes' considerable influence is shown by the large number of authors who sought his approbation of their works. Of particular interest is his enthusiastic approbation of the Ahavat David vi-Yhonatan of David ha-Kohen (Lemberg, 1801). This work, as its title indicates, is a commentary on the novellae of Jonathan *Eybeschuetz, of whom his grandfather was one of the greatest opponents. His Tesha Shitot (ibid., 1800), a work distinguished for its acumen and profundity, also contains his father's novellae, entitled Ḥezkat Ahavati. His wife Judith was a well-known personality and managed a printing works in Lemberg.


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[Itzhak Alfassi]

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Rosanes, Ẓevi Hirsch ben Issachar Berish

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