Rosas, Juventino (1868–1894)

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Rosas, Juventino (1868–1894)

Juventino Rosas (b. 23 or 25 January 1868; d. 13 July 1894), Mexican (Otomi Indian) violinist and composer. At age six Rosas's father brought him and two brothers from their native Santa Cruz de Galeana to Mexico City to perform as a family quartet. He later joined the orchestra of San Sebastian church and toured with the orchestra of legendary opera singer Angela Peralta. He died in Cuba while on tour with a traveling zarzuela company. Best known for his set of waltzes entitled Sobre las olas, he also composed numerous other waltzes, mazurkas, and schottisches, many of them published.

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Rosas, Juventino (1868–1894)

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