Rosas de Terrero, Manuela (1817–1898)

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Rosas de Terrero, Manuela (1817–1898)

Manuela Rosas de Terrero (b. 24 May 1817; d. 17 September 1898), daughter of Argentine dictator Juan Manuel de Rosas and Encarnación Ezcurra de Rosas. After her mother's death in 1838, "Manuelita" served as her father's hostess and confidante. Poorly educated and socially awkward, she was ridiculed as provincial by the liberal intellectuals of Buenos Aires, but as English merchant William MacCann wrote, "For all who appealed to General Rosas in an extra-judicial character, his daughter Doña Manuelita was the universal intercessor." According to John Lynch "she was an intermediary between client and patron, a channel of grace and favor." In 1852 she accompanied her father into exile in England, where she married longtime suitor Máximo Terrero on 23 October 1852. Her father considered her marriage a betrayal and attempted to sever relations with Manuela; for Manuela the marriage was what she described as "an emancipation."

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Rosas de Terrero, Manuela (1817–1898)

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