Rosaz, Edoardo Giuseppe, Bl.

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Bishop, secular Franciscan, founder of the Secular Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Susa; b. Feb. 15, 1830, Susa (near Turin), Piedmont, Italy; d. there May 3, 1903. Edoardo's parents were hard working, devout refugees of the French Revolution. Because of his frailty, Edoardo was tutored at home until he was ten. He then attended the Gianotti di Saluzzo school in Turin from 1840 to 1845, until his family returned to Susa following the deaths of his father and brother. Edoardo entered the diocesan seminary in 1847, joined the Third Order of Saint Francis in 1853, and was ordained June 10, 1854. Thereafter, he dedicated himself to preaching, catechesis, social work, the ministry of reconciliation, and the spiritual direction of the Saint Joseph Sisters. His pastoral enthusiasm, which he shared with his friend (St.) John bosco, led to Rosaz's appointment as director of Susa's seminary in 1874. Three years later (Dec. 26, 1877) he was consecrated as bishop of Susa, a position he held until his death. Immediately upon assuming the cathedra Bishop Rosaz began to renew the spirituality of the diocese, to institute charitable programs, and to establish educational institutions for the young. He founded the Secular Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Susa to assist with these ministries. In addition to his works, Bishop Rosaz is remembered for his pastoral zeal, dedication to the good of his clergy, his self-mortifications, and love of the poor. Pope John Paul II beatified Rosaz in Susa, July 14, 1991.

Feast: May 3 (Franciscans).

Bibliography: Acta Apostolicae Sedis (1991), 814.

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