Lipski, Abraham

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LIPSKI, ABRAHAM (1911– ), Belgian engineer. Born in Lodz to a Zionist family, Abraham Lipski settled in Belgium. A highly successful construction engineer, he specialized in techniques of "presolicitations" – a modern method in construction. In 1951 he won international renown with his invention of the "preflex" construction beam. In 1958 at the Brussels World Fair he acted as assistant general commissioner for the Israel pavilion. Among a vast variety of public and private constructions he erected are the Transport Pavilion at the 1958 Brussels Exhibition; wharf constructions at Ostend and Ghent; the Midi Tower in Brussels; the funicular railway in Haifa, the Carmelit; and the Shalom-Meyer Tower in Tel Aviv. He participated in the construction of the Lydda International Airport and the Tel Aviv bus station. Lipski devoted a great deal of time to Jewish affairs.

[Rose Bieber]

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Lipski, Abraham

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