Lipschutz, Aryeh Leib

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LIPSCHUTZ, ARYEH LEIB (d. c. 1849), talmudist and ḥasidic rabbi. He was born in Jaroslaw and was the pupil of Aryeh Leib b. Joseph ha-Kohen *Heller, author of Keẓot ha-Ḥoshen, and of Jacob Isaac Horowitz of Lublin. Aryeh was the son-in-law of Moses *Teitelbaum, rabbi of Ujhely, and himself served as rabbi in several Galician communities. His last post was at Brigal, where he died. He is the author of two books of novellae, Ari she-ba-Ḥavurah (1852), on Ketubbot, and Ḥiddushei Aryeh de-Vei-Ilai (1880), on Kiddushin, Yoma, Menaḥot, Kinnim, and Niddah. In addition he published a book of responsa Aryeh de-Vei-Ilai (1874) on the four parts of the Shulḥan Arukh.


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Lipschutz, Aryeh Leib

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