Lipschutz, Eliezer ben Solomon

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LIPSCHUTZ, ELIEZER BEN SOLOMON (d. 1750), rabbi and talmudist. When he was over the age of 30, he became the rabbi of *Ostrowiecz (Poland). There he had many pupils, but he left for Germany where he wandered from post to post because of differences with his communities. Through the influence of his wife's uncle, Simeon Jolles, the leader of the community, he obtained a position in Cracow. There also he made enemies and after Jolles' death he left Cracow. Finally he secured a position at Neuwied where he remained until his death. He published Heshiv R. Eliezer ve-Si'aḥ la-Sadeh (Neuwied, 1749) in two volumes: (1) responsa with notes by his son Israel; and (2) (subtitled Dammesek Eliezer) novellae on Yoreh De'ah and Ḥoshen Mishpat. He carried on correspondence with noted authorities of the time. Another member of his family was R. Israel b. Gedaliah *Lipschutz, the author of Tiferet Yisrael.


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Lipschutz, Eliezer ben Solomon

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