Lipschutz, Shabbetai ben Jacob Isaac

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LIPSCHUTZ, SHABBETAI BEN JACOB ISAAC (1845–1929), rabbi, kabbalist, and author. Lipschutz was born in Rohatyn, Galicia, and from 1907 served as a rabbi in Bereg-Ilosva (now Irshava, Sub-Carpathian Ruthenia, Ukraine). He wrote Berit Avot (also entitled Sharvit ha-Zahav he-Ḥadash), on the laws of circumcision (1898; with supplement, 1912); Pidyon Nefesh (also entitled Sha'arei Pedut), on the redemption of the firstborn (1899); Segullot Yisrael (also entitled Sefer ha-Ḥayyim) on healing by sympathetic treatment (1905); a second edition together with Sussman Sofer's Even Segullah (1908); notes on the Shemirat ha-Nefesh (1872) of Israel Mattathias Auerbach (1901); Kol Todah, a commentary on the Book of Esther (1884 and 1888); Tiferet Ya'akov, homilies on the Pentateuch (1912); Sha'arei Raḥamim, a commentary on Ephraim Zalman Margaliot's Sha'arei Efrayim (1932); and Likkutei Shoshannim (also entitled Sefer ha-Eshel), on various halakhic matters (1949). A number of his works have remained unpublished.


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Lipschutz, Shabbetai ben Jacob Isaac

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