Lipschuetz, Baruch Isaac ben Israel

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LIPSCHUETZ, BARUCH ISAAC BEN ISRAEL (1812–1877), rabbi and author. The son of Israel b. Gedaliah *Lipschuetz, Lipschuetz was born in Wronki where his father was rabbi. In 1833 he was appointed to succeed his father there, but had to relinquish the appointment because of Akiva *Eger's resolute opposition to a young unmarried man of 21 functioning as religious leader of a community. He subsequently became rabbi of Landsberg, where he served until 1853, when he was invited to Mecklenburg-Schwerin to succeed David *Einhorn, the reform rabbi, because the central government wished to strengthen the Orthodox section of the community. In 1858 he was compelled to resign because of his firmness in religious matters. Henceforth he accepted no other communal appointment, and lived first in Hamburg and then in Berlin, where he died. He was the author of Ḥosen Shemu'el (n.d., n.p.), an abstract of the Shulḥan Arukh Even ha-Ezer (incomplete), and Torat Shemu'el (1867), a devotional work. His Beit Shemu'el and Shemesh u-Magen remain in manuscript. He edited and republished his father's famous commentary on the Mishnah, Tiferet Yisrael, to which he made many editions. Some of his sermons were published in Ettlinger-Enoch's Shomer Ẓiyyon ha-Ne'eman.


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[Samuel Abba Horodezky]

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Lipschuetz, Baruch Isaac ben Israel

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