Lippius, Johannes

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Lippius, Johannes

Lippius, Johannes, Alsatian music theorist and theologian; b. Strasbourg, June 24,1585; d. Speyer, Sept. 24, 1612. After training in music from his father, he studied at the univs. of Jena, Leipzig, and Wittenberg; he also pursued studies in music with Calvisius in Leipzig. His most significant treatise was the Synopsis musicae novae omino verae ataue methodicae universae (Strasbourg, 1612; Eng. tr., 1977, by B. Rivera), a departure from Renaissance theory. In his treatise, he treated the subject of 4- part writing over a bass, with the triad serving as the important symbolic representation of the Trinity.


B. Rivera, German Music Theory in the Early 17th Century: The Treatises of J. L. (Ann Arbor, 1979).

—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire