Lipschuetz, Gedaliah ben Solomon Zalman

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LIPSCHUETZ, GEDALIAH BEN SOLOMON ZALMAN (16th–17th century), Polish scholar, author, and Jerusalem emissary. Lipschuetz was a pupil of *Meir b. Gedaliah (the Maharam) of Lublin. In 1618 he emigrated from Poland to Ereẓ Israel.On the way he stayed in Prague where he obtained from the local scholars, Solomon Luntschitz and Isaiah ha-Levi *Horowitz (the Shelah), commendations for his work Eẓ Shatul, a commentary on the Ikkarim of Joseph *Albo. That same year he proceeded to Venice, where he published that work, and where he also proofread the collection of responsa of his teacher Meir, which were published that year, with the title Manhir Eynei Ḥakhamim. From there he continued to Ereẓ Israel and settled in Jerusalem. He was there in 1626 during the oppression of the Jews of Jerusalem at the hands of the tyrannical governor Muhammad ibn Farukh. When Farukh was dismissed the following year, and the heads of the Jerusalem community sent emissaries to the Diaspora to solicit aid in reconstructing the community, Lipschuetz was sent to the Balkans. At the beginning of the summer of 1629 he was in Belgrade, where he endorsed a halakhic responsum of Judah Lerma (see the latter's responsa Peletat bat Yehudah, no. 27, end).


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Lipschuetz, Gedaliah ben Solomon Zalman

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