John of Freiburg (Rumsik)

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Dominican, moralist, canonist, lector at Freiburg im Breisgau; b. Haslach (?), date unknown; d. March 10, 1314, Freiburg. He wrote a Summa Confessorum (128098) that made pastoral theology a science by relating its material to speculative moral principles, especially those of St. thomas aquinas. This work, the classic in its genre, was inspired by the Summa de poenitentiis of St. raymond of peÑafort. Many manuscripts, an alphabetically arranged German version by Berthold Huenlin, OP (11 ed. between. 147298), and a French extract, La règle des marchands, attest its opportuneness. John also wrote a Manuale, an epitome of his Summa, a Confessionale for less skilled confessors, Additiones to Raymond's Summa, a Tabula to the text and gloss of the same Summa, a Quaestiones causales (1280), and perhaps a commentary on the Sentences.

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