John of Caramola, Bl.

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Cistercian brother, ascetic; b. Toulouse, France; d. Sagittario, Italy, Aug. 26, 1339. John was a native of the city of Toulouse, but he led the austere life of a hermit for several years in the remote wilderness on Mt. Caramola in Lucania, Italy. During the whole period of Lent, he allowed himself bread sufficient for only one small meal. He lived in close communion with God and was reputedly endowed with the gift of prophecy. Because of a severe illness during a very cold winter, he went to the cistercian monastery of Santa Maria of Sagittario at Chiaramonte to seek assistance. There he continued his austere penitential practices as a lay brother. His diet consisted of small amounts of bread and water; his bed was so small that he could not lie in a normal position. The monks testified that they never saw him sleeping. He edified his confreres by his observance of silence; contemplation was his great occupation. After his death many miracles were attributed to his intercession: e.g., the infirm were cured by touching his incorrupt body, which led to his popular veneration.

Feast: Aug. 26.

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