John of Bastone, Bl.

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Sylvestrine monk; b. early 13th century; d. Fabriano, Italy, March 24, 1290. John joined silvester guzzolini as a teacher of grammar in Fabriano and was later ordained. He lived for 60 years as a Sylvestrine benedic tine in the monastery of Monte Fano. His cult was approved by Pope clement xiv in 1772, and his relics are kept in the church of San Benedetto near Fabriano. Andreas Jacobi (d. 1326) of Fabriano, a confrere of John, wrote a vita that is published along with the Acta canonizationis (Rome 1772) and edited in altered form by J. Mercati (Camerino 1613).

Feast: March 24.

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