John of Châtillon, St.

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Abbot and bishop; b. Châtillon, Bretagne, France, c. 1098; d. Quingamp, Feb. 1, 1163. He is sometimes called Jean de Craticula (of the grate) because of the iron grating around his tomb. His parents were Breton. He is often confused with a cistercian contemporary of the same name whom St. bernard sent to found a monastery at Bégard in the Diocese of Tréquier. John became bishop of Aleth and transferred that see to the isle of Aaron, which he renamed Saint-Malo. He was a strict, zealous abbot of the Saint-Croix monastery of the canons regu lar of st. augustine, at Quingamp. He found himself involved in endless litigation when, as bishop, he attempted to replace monks from marmoutier with the canons regular in his cathedral.

Feast: Feb. 1.

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