Jacob ben Mordecai of Schwerin

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JACOB BEN MORDECAI OF SCHWERIN (also known as Jacob of Fulda ; 17th century), German author. Jacob lived in Fulda which he was compelled to leave, probably during the temporary expulsion of Jews from that town in 1671, and settled in Schwerin. He was the author of Tikkun Shalosh Mishmarot (Frankfurt, 1691), prayers for the three vigils, chiefly from the Zohar. It was translated into Yiddish the following year, with an introduction by the author's wife, Laza (Frankfurt on the Oder, 1692). He also wrote Shoshannat Ya'akov (Amsterdam, 1706) on palmistry, physiognomy, and astrology, which claimed to be based on the works of seven scholars, including Aristotle who, according to Jacob, had been converted to Judaism.


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Jacob ben Mordecai of Schwerin

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